At the time of receiving the leather in our stores, the hides are treated according to international standards and prepared for export.
We are also able to offer a vast amount of choice and quality of semi-finished leather in Wet blue, which we receive from a large global network of suppliers.
Wet Blue leathers can also be worked / selected by our team of experts in our warehouses in order to obtain different types of items in thickness, size and quality.
Our know-how and deliveries in optimal conditions play a fundamental role in shipping to foreign markets.


Our innovation consists in applying strategies to minimize the sales prices of our products of the highest quality. Through a dense network of exclusive agents all over the world, Luxury srl succeeds in optimizing quality, price and security of supply. With Luxury srl we advise the tanneries on site to beautify, renew the finished leather, find new articles dedicated to the most exclusive leather goods.


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