about us

Our company Luxury Srl is located in Ponte a Egola in Tuscany just halfway between Florence and Pisa, near Santa Croce sull’Arno, where is located the most important leather area in Italy.
Luxury Srl is a company that operates globally in the trade / production of leather, and is always looking for a full range of leathers in various grades of selection, both raw and semi-treated, to fully meet the needs of its customers.
Our primary operation consists in collecting fresh / raw hides from a vast network of slaughterhouses located in the American continent and in the European one, including our country, thanks to the collaboration and efficiency of our local and foreign partners.
Our strong business relationships with American and European slaughterhouses allow us to supply consistent quantity of raw hides with the best quality and standard features. All this is due to a thorough inspection of the goods, to an optimal procedure of conservation of the same and a strict selection for each origin and race in order to offer homogeneous batches for all needs, key elements to satisfy our customers.

For generations we have been involved in the wholesale business of leather, always taking into consideration the combination of tradition and innovation




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